☆ Review: Uniqso : December 2015 - Cosplay Wig - Amnesia + Cosplay Wig - Marvel's Thor

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Happy New Year! It's now 2016 ! I hope everyone had a great 2015! Let's hope 2016 will be better than last year.. Also, I hope everyone had wonderful holidays !

Today I will be reviewing two wigs I got from Uniqso! I used both of these wigs for my Kate Marsh cosplay. I had a lot of questions on how I put together Kate's hair, so here is how!

Links to the wigs below ;

[ Cosplay Wig - Amnesia - Heroine ]

[ Cosplay Wig - Marvel's The Avengers 2 - Thor Odinson ]

Remember to use my discount code "eikkibunny" for 10% off of Uniqso !

This is the stock photo for the Amnesia Cosplay Wig. The wig includes the side bun and the braid on the side. Both of my wigs took about 2 weeks to arrive. They both arrived in a wig bag, with paper inside to keep the shape.

Both of these photos I'm wearing the Amnesia wig! I love the colour and style!

Here's the stock photo for the Marvel Thor wig I got. The wig looked exactly like this one straight from the package! I was so excited to try and make Kate's hair, I forgot to take photos of the wig straight from the bag.

I wore both of these wigs for these photos. The bangs/base wig is the Amnesia wig, and the bun is made of the Thor wig. I had to do a lot of teasing with the Thor wig, and a lot of bobby pins were used.

If you look super closely, you can tell where the different wigs are, and you can see a slight colour difference, but overall it's very similar and pretty hard to tell. These wigs worked perfectly for what I was trying to do. I love the Amnesia wig for regular wear as well! It's so soft and the perfect length and colour. The Thor wig has an amazing texture! It's very very thick and a different feel than regular synthetic wigs, more realistic.

I adore both of these wigs and I'm so glad I picked them! I really wanted the Amnesia wig for the longest time now because everyone who has worn it looks amazing.

Amnesia Wig


Thor Wig


Both of these wigs are 5/5. I had a lot of fun working with them and they're amazing quality !

Thank you so much for reading !


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  1. Very nice wigs! By the way, I love your little prince t-shirt that you wore with the first wig ^_^

  2. The wig came out great~! It looks really nice <33


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